Ny Lufthavnsvej 100DK-9400 NørresundbyPhone: +45 98 17 11 44www.aal.dk

Delay at security : 0 min

Time Est. To Flight Status
10:45 10:45 Billund BA8264
11:00 11:00 Copenhagen SK1208
11:10 11:10 Copenhagen DY3087
12:10 12:10 Amsterdam KL1334
13:25 14:00 Istanbul SK3400B Delayed 14:00
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Delay at security : 0 min

Time Est. From Flight Status
10:30 10:40 Oslo BA8264 Delayed 10:40
10:35 10:35 Copenhagen SK1207
10:50 10:50 Copenhagen DY3086
11:35 11:35 Amsterdam KL1333
12:35 13:10 Istanbul SK3400 Delayed 13:10
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Aalborg Airport accepts no responsibility regarding this service. All information is kept confidential and will not be sold to third party. The service is an additional service, and you are requested to remain oriented via other channels.

The airline companies state that passengers of compensation reasons should meet at the airport at the original departure time, even if the flight is due to depart later than expected. This applies unless otherwise is notified by the airline company.

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