Are you prepared? Checklist before departure

Are you looking forward to your vacation, but still a little unsure about how much you can bring in your suitcase, how to check in or what you are allowed to have on you through security? Find answers to everything below and get a comfortable start on your trip.

Formalities and preparation

Validity of the passport

Did you remember to check your passport to make sure if it is still valid? If not, click here and read all about renewing your (Danish) passport.

Booking number and booking confirmation

Did you remember to print your booking confirmation? You should always remember your booking confirmation, in which your booking number is also applied, to make it easier for yourself and the staff at check-in.

Online/mobile check in

Would you like to check in online or on your smartphone? On most of the flights you can check in online and thus save time at the airport. See here if you can check in online or on the smartphone.

About the luggage

Permitted sizes for hand luggage

Do you know how much you are allowed to carry in your hand luggage and how big it is allowed to be?

See the permitted dimensions of hand luggage here.

Permitted sizes for checked in luggage

Are you aware of how much your checked in luggage is allowed to weigh?

See the allowable weight, quantity and cost of checked in luggage here.

Overview of the airport

Overview of the airport

Are you in doubt about where the various places are located at the airport, then you are able to get an overview of the terminal here. You can for example see where Check-in, Security and gates are located.

See the overview of the terminal here

Check in

Online/mobile check in

Have you checked in online or on your smartphone – then precede directly to the Security check point - unless you have any luggage to check in. This luggage must be given to the staff at the Check-in area or placed on our automatic baggage drop.

Check in at a machine or with personal assistance

At all departures you have the opportunity to check in by yourself. Are you flying with SAS - use one of the light blue machines to check in. For all other flights - use one of the dark blue machines. Do you have any luggage to check in, then turn your luggage in at the Check-in counters to one of the employees.

Check in at the desk

If you want help with your check in, then go towards the check in desk for your departure. Then our staff will kindly help you check in.

There are more ways to check in before departure. Most airlines offers online check in on their websites.


Fast through Security

There may be queues at the Security area. To get effectively through Security, it is a good idea to be prepared for your turn. You will need 2-3 trays for your belongings. The trays are located when you approach the tables at the Security area.

Belongings in the trays

Please take off your coat or jacket and put it in one of the trays.

The same applies to belts, watches, mobiles and other loose belongings you carry on you – especially metallic objects.

Please also take computers and/or tablets out of the bag and place them in a tray.

Toiletries must be stored in a transparent bag which can be closed. Please put these in to one of the trays too.

E-cigarettes and lighters must at all times be in your hand luggage when you are traveling through an airport. These items must also be placed in a tray through security.

Find your gate

Info screens

Right after you go through security, you will be able to check our info screens where you can see, which gate that belongs to your departure. On the info screens you will find information about gates and departure times.

Time Est To Company Gate Status SMS

Time Est From Company Arrivals Status SMS
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Aalborg Airport accepts no responsibility regarding this service. All information is kept confidential and will not be sold to third party. The service is an additional service, and you are requested to remain oriented via other channels.

The airline companies state that passengers of compensation reasons should meet at the airport at the original departure time, even if the flight is due to depart later than expected. This applies unless otherwise is notified by the airline company.