Behind the scenes

Do you have a great interest in knowing more about Aalborg Airport and at the same time getting a unique experience along the way?

Regular tours are organized at Aalborg Airport, where you go behind the airport and see everything you do would not normally see when you travel. You are shown around by a guide with great know-how, who tells about the airport's work and exciting history. On the trip you have the opportunity to order food and drinks, and the visit ends with shopping at DutyFree at good prices.

If you are interested in visiting the airport and go on a tour, please contact Per Geisler at mail:

NOTE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today, March 13, 2020 chosen to discourage all unnecessary travel from Denmark to the world until April 13, 2020. We refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide for further information. If you have an upcoming trip during this period, we recommend that you contact the travel agency where you booked your trip or the airline where you purchased your flight ticket. We recommend all travelers to keep themselves informed of canceled flights and arrivals at

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