Have your next business meeting at Aalborg Airport

At Aalborg Airport, we have modern meeting rooms with the latest in audiovisual equipment.

With the newest equipment in video conferencing, it is possible to communicate with the whole world from Aalborg Airport. The video conferencing  system in our meeting rooms are in full HD, therefore, we can offer great quality for your visual presentations.

The meeting rooms also include a projector with connections/plugins in the table, which makes it easy to use. There is also a large new motorized canvas.

All the equipment can be operated by a modern panel system on the wall, which makes it easy and simple to use.

The meeting rooms are each suited for 12 participants.


  • Half a day = 850 DKK (170 dollars)
  • One whole day = 1450 DKK. (290 dollars)
  • Two hours = 500 DKK (100 dollars)
  • Video conferencing system - half a day = 1000 DKK (200 dollars)

We also offer catering from our in-house restaurants, which must be ordered in advance.

See our wine card.

Book our meeting rooms by mail: meeting@aal.dk​

Or by phone: +45 96 326 785/+45 51 18 29 92