Heineken Gastro Pub

Heineken Gastro Pub is Aalborg Airport’s new eatery, where 'food for everyone' is served. In traditional Gastro Pub style, you can enjoy the cosy bar environment combined with culinary experiences - with a high level of gastronomy. The quiet environment can contribute to create a nice and peaceful break before the trip continues. And everyone is welcome.

Heineken Gastro Pub does not target any specific groups and the staff value to satisfy everybody’s needs. You can enjoy a light or filling meal or simply make a pit-stop while enjoying a cold beer or a glass of wine. Whatever your agenda is you can always enjoy our iPhone, tablet or laptop charging opportunities, which can be found at every table at Heineken Gastro Pub.

In the selection of food, there is a focus on being able to offer something for everybody’s liking. At Heineken Gastro Pub the ingredients are in focus, where especially the fresh and healthy ingredients are prioritised. Additionally, it is valued that you can let yourself be inspired by the unique taste compositions, which are carefully chosen. In order to offer something for everyone’s liking, the menu has been constructed with a goal of making it versatile. For example, chicken nuggets and hamburgers are offered for the youngest. The rest of the menu offers everything from a steak burger to a caesar salad and a chicken/salmon sandwich to pasta carbonara. If you wish to have a dessert, you can choose between a chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream - both including delicious accompaniments.

In true gastro pub style, you will also find a broad selection of exquisite beverages. You will find everything from sodas and special draught beers to wine. The special draught beers are carefully selected and especially the extra cold Heineken draught beer is a must-try, if you like cold beer, as you won’t find it many other places. Additionally, you will also find a broad selection of red, white and rosé wines as well as champagne produced in various places of the world. If you are in the mood for warm beverages or for various different spirits, you will also have a broad selection of these. As a supplement to your beverages, you can enjoy some of the many snacks, which are also offered at the gastro pub.

Menu card - Beverages - Wine menu

Heineken Gastro Pub opens 2 hours before the first departure and closes after the last outgoing flight.

Contact info:

Phone: +45 96 32 67 79

E-mail: food@aal.dk