Covid-19 situation at Aalborg Airport

Aalborg Airport will continuously follow the authorities' guidelines - including the prevention of further outbreak of Covid-19, which is clearly communicated to the airport's employees and passengers at the airport. If you are going to travel, you will be met by an attentive staff at the airport to help you to have a safe journey as well as provide you with relevant information about the Coronavirus situation and hand-sanitizing machines.

Below you can find answers to the things that are particularly important for air travel and airport transfers. We recommend that you always keep yourself updated on departures and arrivals as well as the development of the Coronavirus situation at

  • All passengers must wear a factory-made / surgical face mask from the moment they enter the Aalborg Airport terminal, on board the aircraft and until they leave the terminal after arrival.
  • Wearing factory-made / surgical face masks is mandatory from June 15, 2020, and it is your responsibility to bring along a face mask. Note alternative face masks are not approved.
  • Factory-made / surgical face masks can be purchased at the airport service center in the check-in area before the security check.
  • Children under the age of 6 and people with a valid medical explanation do not have to wear a face mask.
  • For security reasons and passport checks, you may be asked to remove your face mask for safety reasons.
  • So far, the guidelines are valid until August 29, 2020.

Hand sanitizer in your carry on

In this context, following the recommendations of the National Board of Health regarding the development of the Coronavirus, we have temporarily approved larger containers than 100 ml of hand sanitizer in the passengers' luggage. If the hand sanitizer is over 100 ml, it will still be screened, but for itself in a separate tray. It must therefore be taken out of the bag and presented at the security check. 

This is to meet the recommendations of the National Board of Health with regard to prevention against the Coronavirus, so that our passengers can feel safe.

Get answers to your Coronavirus questions at

Caring and good hand hygiene​

Aalborg Airport and its staff always follow the authorities' recommendations for the prevention of infection - especially in the public space and through the use of public transport where people are gathered. Therefore, information is provided throughout the terminal as well as hand-sanitizing machines available at all places that you may pass by at the airport.

These five things you should pay special attention to:

  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • Cough or sneeze in your sleeve - not your hands
  • Avoid handshakes, kiss and hugs - limit physical contact
  • Pay attention to cleaning - both at home and in the workplace
  • Keep distance (min. 1 meter) and ask others to pay attention


If you are going to travel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has chosen to discourage all unnecessary travel to countries outside Europe and European countries with a high risk of Covid-19 exposure. We refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide for further information. If you have an upcoming trip during this period, we recommend that you contact the travel agency where you booked your trip or the airline where you purchased your flight ticket.

We recommend travelers to keep up to date with any issues, canceled departures and arrivals at and the authorities' guide for travel, which is constantly changing.


DutyFree, Lounge and eateries are open

Aalborg Airport's DutyFree, Lounge and restaurant area DELI are open, in accordance with daytime travel activity.

If you need to travel, you are therefore welcome to contact the airport by email:, telephone: 98171144 or on Facebook.

NOTE: When traveling through Aalborg Airport, as a passenger, you should be aware of a number of guidelines issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and thus applicable at all European airports. Be aware that these guidelines should be followed at all times when you are at Aalborg Airport. It is important that you know these specific European guidelines before starting your journey. 

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