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As the most popular destination in Northern Italy, Lake Garda will enchant you with its amazing nature og peaceful scenery.

Lake Garda or 'Largo de Garda' is Italy's largest lake and was created at the end of the last ice age's glaciers. A huge clear lake among beautiful mountains is truly amazing to see, and it is therefore no wonder that Lake Garda is a very popular tourist area, where beautiful hotels and opportunities for camping especially attracts the Danes. 

In addition to the irresistible beaches along the lake's edge, the towns around the lake are also filled with fascinating culture and an eventful history that makes Lake Garda an obvious destination for the whole family. Many of the towns along the lake also offers more modern conditions, where you can relax with tasteful, Italian snacks on the city's restaurants or visit the famous amusement park, Gardaland, where your inner child can be unleashed.

There are plenty of excursions to the surrounding towns and natural areas. For the more active, a trip to the Dolomites will be unforgettable, where nature's rawness and properties are displayed. The mountain chain, which consists of raised reefs, is extremely valuable to the north Italians, among other things because of the high content of natural magnesium. The approximately 3,000 meter high mountains are an obvious excursion if you need a trip to Lake Garda.


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Experience the Beauty

On Lake Garda's western shore is a beautiful area called, Salóbugten. The charm is recognizable to anyone who has experienced it, and it produces a feeling, intriguing everyone to come again.

Northern Italy is also known for its wealth in contrary to the south, which is greatly reflected in the locals' friendliness and openness to tourists. And Lake Garda is no exception.  

The trip to Lake Garda offers, among other things, a trip to the Veneto province. This province is very famous for the production of Amarone, and it is also the only place in the world, this wine is made. Wine production in the North is one of the finest available and wine lovers have, for years, flocked to the area to explore the many different flavors.


The Italien Adventure

Lake Garda, 'the Eldorado of biking', is also a favorite place to go for bike riders - amateurs as well as professionals. The lake combines the possibility of relaxation in an intimate setting with the opportunity to be active on the bike in the nearby mountains and beautiful landscapes. 

When Italy is the destination, then it is a must to explore the fabulous Italian cuisine, which is known for its top-notch cuisine. Do not be afraid to try the smaller local restaurants, as it usually is here you will find the great passion for cooking, and has an extremely generous and friendly service.  

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