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Travel Agencies

Read about the various travel agencies and find inspiration for your next holiday.

Africa Tours makes it possible for you to create your own safari experience, just the way you want it. Have you ever dreamed about going on safari tours or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Africa Tours will make your dream come true!

Mail: info@africatours Tlf: +45 88 73 40 00 Web: has ever since 2006 given more than 20,000 happy costumers the time of their lives in Africa. We have a highly competent team who care about service of high quality and honestly on the journeys. Chose us for your African adventure and you will not regret it! 

Mail: Tlf: +45 89 93 43 89 Web:


At Alfa Travel we are experts in group travels of any kind - school trips, sporting groups or vacations for private groups. We carefully choose and arrange your options for your trip and make sure that if fits with the special demands of the specific group. AlfA Travel is Danish and proprietary, and each year we arrange about 1,000 group travels to European and overseas costumers. Your group leader will be by your side all the way through, and will offer you all the support and information you will need to get the best trip.

Mail: Tlf: 80208870 Web:

Apollo is driven by curiosity to explore the world, and we want to make it possible for all people to explore it with us. We will take care of you and your fellow travellers as we have years of experience exploring the world and its opportunities. We are experts in charter, cruises, group travels and roundtrips, and no matter what you choose we guarantee the highest quality all the way through arranging your trip. We live to make our costumers happy - which makes us happy.

Mail: Tlf:   70 13 33 00 Web:

At we offer you exciting round-trips in Asia. We have experts to guide you all the way through the planning of your trip, so we together can plan the best trip for you. helps you arrange everything you need, from the smallest to the biggest planning, so you are comfortable every second on your trip.

Mail: Tlf: 70505505 Web:

BENNS is your personal travel agency. We know that one size does not fit all, and that is why we are specialized in arranging your trip exactly the way you want it. Are you looking for round-trips, cruises, safari, group- and field trips or a vacation with you behind the wheel, we can help you. Team Benns is a proud travel agency with more than 50 years of experience and a steady economic foundation.

Tlf: 65656565 Web:

At Best Travel we are experts in river cruises and round-trips that lets you get to know the most important historical and cultural facts. Our travel guides will show and tell you the most exciting things on your trip. We corporate with the Italian shipping company MSC Cruises. Best Travel is part of the travel concern Stena Line Travel Group.

Mail: Tlf: 70 20 98 99 Web:

Blixen Tours is a Danish travel agency specializing in trips to the Indian Ocean, the Middle East and safaris to Africa. We believe that big travel experiences are often about small details. Therefore, all our trips are tailored in cooperation with the customer.

Mail: Web Tlf: +45 7674 0070

Bravo Tours is the most Danish travel agency you will come across. High quality, good service and Danish speaking travel leaders are all characteristics of Bravo Tours. We offer a variety of trips, and you will find one for you whether you are looking for a relaxing or exciting vacation. We also offer safari tours in Africa.

Mail: Tlf: 70 10 10 77 Web:

B2B Travel has more than 25 years experience in consulting on business trips, and in B2B Travel you get serious consultance and advice on corporate, group and convention travels. We also arrange weekend, student and staff travels, and we customize any trip based on your wants and needs. On our website, you can see more of our references, just as we also like to offer you and your business welcome.

Mail: Tlf: +45 79 30 15 10 Web: 

If you are interested in trips to Thailand, The USA or Cuba, Check Point Travel are at your service. We are experts in arranging the best trips exactly here and offer you outstanding experiences and exotic beach holidays for a reasonable price.

Mail: Tlf: 86137744 Web: 

DANexplore has more than 30 years of experience, which means that you are in safe hands with us. We will arrange your individual trip, whether you are interested in charter, cruises, round-trips, skiing trips, luxurious holidays or a trip with you behind the wheel. DANexplore will tailor your trip so it matches your dreams and demands.

Mail: Tlf: 86 40 88 44 Web:

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun, Detur will make your dream come true. Detur are specialists in holidays in Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. Are you a small og larger group traveling together, we will arrange it. On our trips you will also find a great opportunity to focus on your hobby, whether it is soccer, bridge, golf, cycling, beach volley or painting.

Mail: Tlf: 7020 6776 Web: 

DTF travel offer a large variety of different hotels and holiday homes in Europe and the entire world. You are in safe hands if you travel with us, as our experts always will help you if you need any assistance before the trip and while away.

Tlf: 70 23 14 10 Web:

Euro Tourist is a small travel agency with big experience - more than 30 years. We like to dream big, and are experts in group travels as well as luxurious trips, tailored exactly for the individual desires. We know the business and with our good service you can look forward to the time of your life with us.

Mail: Tlf: 98113400 Web:

At FDM travel we are specialists in making your trip the best trip ever. Together with you, we carefully arrange and plan your travels just the way you want it. A couple of days off, a week in the sun or a grand round-trip - we will provide you with all the information you will need. Make your dreams come true with us.

Mails: Tlf: 70 11 60 11 Web: 

Gislev Rejser can match any wish or desire you might have for your trip. We can help you arrange the most relaxing cruise, exiting culture trips, round-trips, city-breaks or group travels - anything is possible with us. We have almost 70 years of experience as travel organiser and have the best travel leaders who will guide you on your journey. With these travel leaders you can feel completely secure. 

Mail: Tlf: 62 29 12 10 Web:

At Hideaway we are specialists in trips where you stay at the most charming hotels. All the hotels we offer are carefully selected by important criteria like location and atmosphere. No matter what your interests are - nice food, wine, family vacation, history or something complete different - we will find the best hotel for you.

Mail: Tlf: 32 294 646 Web:

If you are looking for the best skiing trip ever, Højmark Rejser will help. We are specialists in skiing trips at the Alps in Austria and in Switzerland, and in the Italien Dolomites, but offer 12 destinations in total. We have more than 20 years of experience in arranging the most wonderful trips - that is more than 20 years of happy costumers. 

Mail: Tlf: 97 325 325 Web:

At Jysk Rejsebureau we arrange holidays outside Europe. If you are interested in trips around the world, family holidays, safari, voluntary work or group travels, we will make that happen. Destinations include the USA, Thailand, the Maldives and Cuba - but anything is possible! 

Mail: Tlf: 70 20 19 15 Web:

At KILROY we are experts at organising trips for young people and students. We would like to make your dreams come true, and would like to assure travellers security all the way through the journey. We can help you arrange your round-trips - and also in case you want to go study abroad.

Tlf: 70 15 40 15  Web:

At Kipling Travel we like to consider ourselves as a knowledge agency, besides being a travel agency. On travels arranged by us you will get to know the destination deep down. We love to share our experiences and stories, but our goal is also to give you the support you need on your trip.

Mail: Tlf: 47161220 Web: 

If you are interested in a guided culture trips around Europe, Kulturrejser Europa will help. We love to share interesting facts at culturally exciting destinations. We offer the most classical travels, but also cruises, opera tours or exotic hiking tours and city-breaks.

Mail: Tlf: 88 33 62 46 Web:

At Lamatours we have experience in arranging trips to Latin America. We cherish our guests and want to give them the most exiting experiences in their journeys. Our travel leaders are experts, who have worked in and with Latin America the past 10 years or more.

Mail: Tlf: 89 93 43 84 Web:

At MarcoPolo we want to arrange a journey as unique as you want it to be. We specialize in wonderful, dreamy holidays, and want to go that extra mile, so you can have the time of your life. We have hand picked perfect hotels and luxurious resorts, and with our English speaking guides, you can always seek help if needed.

Mail: Tlf: 7012 0303 Web: 

MyPlanet - if you want it your way. We specialize in trips to Australia, New Zealand, Southafrica, Canada and the USA. We offer the perfect combination of freedom and guided tours - but no matter what, you will always be in safe hands with us. We listen to your dreams and desires and will find the best trip for you.

Mail: Tlf: 7012 5011 Web: 

If you are looking for All Inclusive and luxurious trips, we will arrange it for you. Our slogan is "Luxurious vacation for all" which you will see in our broad selection of destinations and hotels. Many of our destinations offer entertainment for the children, while the parents can relax by the pool or beach near the hotels. We are a Nordic travel agency who consider our guests as part of the family, and we guarantee the best holiday for you.

Mail: Tlf: 70 22 31 21 Web: 

Nilles Rejser is a Danish travel agency with a lot of opportunities. You will be guided all the way through your vacation by a Danish speaking travel guide. We offer a lot of trips in local areas, once you are at your destination. If you are looking for city-breaks, cruises, round-trips or group travel, we can help you arrange it. With more than 67 years in the business we offer you the best expertise.

Mail: Tlf: +45 70216022 Web: 

At Rickshaw Tours & Travel we are experts in arranging the perfekt trip for you. We know how to get the most unique travel experiences and want to show you the world. Since 1998 we have made dreams come true for families. Rickshaw - create the time of your life with us today.

Mail: Tlf: 60756075 Web:

Risskov Rejser is a Danish travel agency and we offer round-trips in groups with guides or individual journeys - no matter what you choose, we guarantee excitement. We are experts in North America, Australia and New Zealand, but we also know how to arrange trips of high quality in the big cities in Europe - where we offer the best located hotels. We would like to give you the best experience, and our key words are knowledge, quality, uniqueness and passion.

Mail: Tlf: 70 226 600 Web:

What ever your dreams are - we will help them come true. At Spies we offer a wide range of charter, family trips, city-breaks, weekends away and exotic travels - you name it! With the best guidance and service, you can mix and match your dream journey. Looking for a shorter trip or a luxurious hotel? You got it! Anything is possible with us.

Tlf: 7010 4200 Web: 

SunCharter is 100 % Danish - begun a long time ago in Jutland. We have many years of experience with all our wonderful destinations. With our Danish guides you can feel safe and secure all the way through your journey. On our charter destinations you will have lots of opportunities to spend time with your family or relaxing by the beach - while we make your dreams come true.

Mail: Tlf: 70 34 50 97  Web: 

At Sun Tours we have more than 30 years of experience in arranging travels. If you are looking for charter, camping, skiing or golf trips, we will help you. We will always give you the best service and so will our Danish team in Aarhus - as well as out on your destination.

Mail: Tlf: 70 23 07 20 Web: 


Svane Rejser has more than 28 years of experience, helping Danish travellers arranging trips to the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our guides have great expertise and will make it their goal to give you the exact trip that you want. We make it simple - the best service at the best price!

Mail: Tlf: +4535355345 Web:

At TEMA Rejser we arrange trips that focus on culture, hiking or biking and cruises or safaris. We make an effort to give you the best quality and will arrange your vacation so it fits your dreams and desires. We are part of TUI and are able to combine travels with Star Tour.

Mail: Tlf: 70 10 03 99 Web:

Thailand Tours is a small personal travel agency where we arrange travels to Thailand with your wishes in focus. We have lived in Thailand for more than 20 years and know almost every nook and cranny of the country.

Mail: Tlf: 42 64 49 47 Web:

TUI is what you are looking for if you want the best quality and the most exciting adventures. We will help you arrange your relaxing vacation in the sun or your cruise on the ocean. Family or single? We offer hotels for everyone. We are a part of the world leading travel company, and will give you the best service and a safe experience.

Mail: Tlf: 70 10 10 50 Web: offers exciting self-drive holidays in the US, including flights, accommodation, car rental and excursions. Our travel consultants are experts on the US, and every day they work toward our goal of sending our guests on a holiday of a lifetime.

Mail:  Tlf: 70 66 66 66 Web:

If your dream always have been to explore the USA, we will help you make it come true. We specialize in amazing destinations in USA, but also offer a range of cruises and round-trips in Canada and the Caribbean. 

Mail: Tlf: 33 13 15 30 Web:

Since 1988 we have helped Danish travellers arrange charter vacations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. At Århus Charter we always take good care of our guests, with good service, Danish guides and personal contact. 

Mail: Tlf: 86 202 900 Web:

At In-Italia you can book trips to Italy with scheduled flights from AAL, incl. Car hire at the airport and you have access to Denmark's best selection, in more than 1,800 hand-picked holiday homes, hotels and apartments throughout Italy.

Mail: Tlf: 3315 1313 Web: