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Charging stations for electric cars

At Aalborg Airport you have the opportunity to park your electric car at a charging station while traveling. Then the car is fully charged and ready to drive when you return home.

There are three available charging stations at parking lot-area P3, each of which has two sockets, so that six cars can be connected at a time. Charging conditions are compatible with modern electric cars based on international charging standards.

With E.ON charging points, you can charge your 3-phase electric car (11kW) with Type 2 socket (Mennekes). However, there may be a difference depending on what the car is set to receive. To be able to charge your electric car, it requires that you have a subscription with E.ON. In addition, you can freely use the charger if you have a 230V receiver and a regular 10A plug.

There is a difference in the capacity of electric vehicles in relation to their batteries, so the charging time may vary from model to model. E.ON points out that a full charge can be achieved within 4-6 hours, unless it is a Tesla.

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Tesla charging stations at the Direct Parking area

At the Direct Parking area there are four units of Tesla charging stations. These can be found to the right after the entrance to the Direct Parking area closest to the main entrance.

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NOTE: When traveling through Aalborg Airport, as a passenger, you should be aware of a number of guidelines issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and thus applicable at all European airports. Be aware that these guidelines should be followed at all times when you are at Aalborg Airport. It is important that you know these specific European guidelines before starting your journey.