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Worth knowing about the luggage

Some airlines offer one hand luggage for free. We advise that you check the airlines' home page.

Airlines Measure Weight Amount
SAS 55x40x23 cm. 8 kg. 1
Norwegian* 55x40x23 cm. 10 kg. 1
KLM 55x35x25 cm. 12 kg. 1
Vueling 55x40x20 cm. 10 kg. 1
Atlantic Airways 55x40x25 cm. 8 kg. 1
British Airways 56x45x25 cm. 6 kg. 1
DAT 55x35x25 cm. 8 kg. 1
Jet Time** 55x40x20 cm. 5 kg. 1
Ryanair*** 55x40x20 cm. 10 kg. 1
Øvrige 45x35x20 cm. 5 kg. 1

* When traveling with Norwegian, the hand luggage is not automatically included in the ticket, but must be purchased when ordering low fare tickets. It is therefore only possible to bring a small bag (30x20x38) with a maximum of 10 kg, which fits under the seat in front of you free of charge.

** On flights with Jet Time, the maximum total allowable luggage weight is 20 kg. for both checked-in luggage and hand luggage. Therefore, if your checked-in luggage is 20 kg. it is not allowed to bring hand luggage without the purchase of extra luggage weight. Read more on the Jet Times website.

*** When traveling with Ryanair, the hand luggage is not automatically included in the ticket, but must be purchased. It is therefore only possible to bring a small bag (40x20x25) that fits under the seat in front of you for free.

The various airlines have individual limits in regards to measurements and weight of checked in baggage and handbags. 

Airlines Measurements Weight Amount Free
SAS Regular 23 kg. 1 No
Norwegian Regular 23 kg. (2) No
KLM Regular 23 kg. 1 No*
Vueling Regular 23 kg. (1) No
Atlantic Airways Regular 20 kg. 1 Yes
British Airways Regular 23 kg. 1 Yes
DAT Regular 23 kg. 1 No
Jet Time Regular 20 kg. 1 No
Ryanair Regular 10/20 kg. 2 No
Other Regular 20 kg. - -

*On European KLM-flights, a baggage fee will be charged for the first checked in baggage - if you travel on Economy Class. See more here.

*Checked-in baggage with Ryanair needs to be booked at a fee beforehand - either 10 kg. checked-in baggage or 20 kg. See baggage allowance here.

Rent Airshells, transport packaging

Airshells provides rental of bagage protection cases and bags. Prices from 220 DKK for the first week and 100 DKK for the following weeks.

Transport cases and bags can be booked on Airshells' website

Where to pick up the transport packaging

Before check in, the box or bag can be picked up at the service centre at Aalborg Airport's check in area, where it is to be returned as well.

Airshells are made ​​of durable materials with a quality zipper and 3 cm. flightcase foam. The transport bag weighs only approx. 4 kilos and can be folded with the included straps, so it takes up less space.

Airshells also offer cases for bikes, golf bags, as well as ski and snowboard equipment.

Was your luggage not on the plane?

If you have lost your luggage on your flight, then contact Aalborg Airport's check in staff at the information desk in the check in area. Here you must fill out an inquiry document.

Do you want to follow up on your lost luggage claim, please contact Aalborg Airport's luggage service:


Attention: we are currently experiencing extraordinary busyness and delays on luggage going to Aalborg Airport. You will therefore experience a longer waiting time for answers by e-mail, but if your claim has been created, you can be sure that everything will be done to get your luggage returned to you.

Help is near

Although the airport is working very hard to avoid lost luggage, it sometimes happens that the luggage ends up on the wrong plane. It is frustrating to arrive at your destination without your luggage, but fortunately most of the lost luggage reappear within a short period of time.

Electronic tracking

At Aalborg Airport, we provide all luggage with a small electronic chip, so missing luggage can be tracked electronically through RFID technology - this is a very unique system.

Luggage tag on your suitcase

Are you in any doubt as to how best to handle the printed luggage bag for your suitcase? See the information video below and get ready for your next trip.

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