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Practical info - FAQs

We have collected some frequently asked questions regarding the practical overview of Aalborg Airport in order to give you a good starting point for a good and carefree journey. If, however, you do not find the answer(s) to your question(s) here, or among the additional informations located in the left column on this page, feel free to contact us.

Aalborg Airport
Ny Lufthavnsvej 100
9400 Nørresundby

Phone number: +45 98 17 11 44

Opening hours of the terminal

Aalborg Airport's terminal is open round the clock throughout the year.

24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Aalborg Airport lounge

The opening hours of our modern and exclusive lounge is:

All days 1 hour and 15 minutes before the first departure.
The lounge closes again 30 minutes before the last departure.

Read more about the lounge and how to gain access to it

Food and beverages

At Aalborg Airport we offer several food and beverage options.

We have the newly opened DELI, where you can buy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
DELI opens two hours before the first departure and closes again after the last departure.

Additionally, we have our Heineken Gastro Pub, which also opens two hours before the first departure and closes again after the last departure. Here you can enjoy breakfast, sandwiches, burgers and other specialities whilst enjoying a glass of good wine or one of our speciality beers.

In our exclusive Airport Lounge grantees can enjoy our wide selection of beverages from everything such as fresh orange juice to a wide selection of beers to white and red wine. Furthermore, grantees are offered bread, cold meats and delicious snacks. Opening hours can be seen above.

Before going through check-in and security, travellers can enjoy our vending machines, which offers some light snacks and beverages. Our vending machines are open every day round the clock.
Furthermore, our new hot dog stand, which is located at arrival hall 2, is open from 10.30 AM to 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM as needed.

Read more about the selection here

Free Wifi at Aalborg Airport

Follow the guide below and get online quickly and easily.

You will gain acces as follows:

  • Select "AALfree" among the available WI-FI connections.
  • Open your Internet browser - where an acceptance page will open up automatically.
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, then you are ready to go online.

Trouble Shooting - having problems getting online?

Please contact the service counter for assistance. 

Pay with MobilePay

For your comfort, it is possible to pay with Mobile Pay at Aalborg Airport.

It is possible to pay with MobilePay in all our restaurants in Aalborg Airport as well as our Duty-Free area.

You can therefore choose to either pay with cash or MobilePay, thus making shopping at Aalborg Airport nice and easy.


Lost property

If you have lost or forgotten a personal item near or at the airport, you might be lucky that it is kept in Cargo/Lost Property office located at the airport.

Get a map of the terminal here

Contact Cargo/Lost Property at or +45 96 35 77 66

Lost and found properties are kept in the Lost Property office for 14 days. After this they are to be found at the Police Lost Property office.

Travelling with a pet

If you wish to bring your pet along with you on your travel, it is important to follow the requirements and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark before ordering your ticket.

By following the link below you will find everything you need to know about travelling with a pet.
Travelling with pets: Guidelines and requirements.

N.B: Not all airline companies allow travellers to bring their pets on the aircraft. It is therefore very important to check if the airline company in question allows pets on the aircraft.

At Aalborg Airport we have a DutyFree area spanning over 600 Square Meters. In the DutyFree area you will find a wide selections of everything from perfumes and beauty products to candy and alcohol.

The DutyFree area is open every day two hours before the first departure and closes again after the last departure.

Follow the link to see the smiley report given to Aalborg Airport's DutyFree area by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Play area

Aalborg Airport offers entertainment for the little ones before departure takes place. On the first floor, above the dining area, we have arranged a small corner, where it is possible to play with the airport's assortment of toys and try out the climbing frame.

In addition, we will also show cartoons in the area, which our younger passengers can enjoy while waiting for their flight.


At Aalborg Airport you are not allowed to smoke inside the airport terminal or on your way out to the plane. If you wish to smoke before departure, remember to do this before you check in and go through security. The ban also applies to e-cigarettes. 

Smoking outside Aalborg Airport's terminal building is allowed. Here you will also find ashtrays placed.

Cash Point

If you would like to withdraw money before the trip, you will find a cash point from Danske Bank on your left next to the check in area, when you enter the door at the main entrance.

Get a map of the terminal here

It is possible to withdraw Danish DKK, Euro and British Pounds from the machine.

Please note that the cash machine is situated before security. If you need currency please withdraw money before entering the security area.

Charging stations for electric cars

At Aalborg Airport you have the opportunity to charge your electric car, while you are travelling. You will then have a fully charged car, ready for the roads, when you return from your trip. 

You will find the three available charging stations at parking lot P3, each of which has two outlets, which means that in total six cars can be connected at a time. The charging stations are compatible with modern electric cars based on international standards for charging.

With E.ON charging points you can charge your electric car with 3-phase charge (11kW) with Type 2 outlet (Mennekes). However, there may be a difference depending on what the car is set to receive. It will require that you have subscribed to E.ON in order to charge your electric car.

There are differences in electric cars capacity in relation to their batteries, so the charging time can vary from model to model. According to E.ON, a full charge can be achieved within 4-6 hours, unless it is a Tesla.

Read more about E.ON here
Read more about subscription at E.ON here