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Cargo Centre - Aalborg Airport

Aalborg Airport has in the recent years invested in special equipment for handling of larger air freight shipments. It includes:

  • Highloaders
  • Conveyor belts
  • etc.

We can meet the authorities' stringent requirements for screening of cargo shipments.
Expansion of air cargo activities are well in line with the recommendations of the Transport report from North Jutland. Here it is recommended that the air cargo area gets more attention because it is of vital importance for the North Jutland businesses, where you can send cargo to and from the region.

Send your packages with Jetpak

Open: Monday-Friday from 7.30 am to 3.00 pm.

Phone: +45 98 17 48 61 or +45 40 42 49 59



If you have an urgent shipment Jetpak Direct is your solution.

As Scandinavia's fastest provider of time-critical express shipments, we can supply the entire Nordic region and Europe:

  • Interior 1-4 hours
  • Region 2-8 hours
  • Europe 4-18 hours

Our presence in 140 airports in the Nordic countries, and direct cars to and from the airports, is your greatest advantage when time is short.

  • We have 140 Nordic service. It provides the best possible infrastructure
  • We have 700 cars and offers therefore the best local knowledge
  • We have 2.500 flights a day to be able to offer the highest frequency and the best coverage

Jet Warranty: 
All Jetpak Direct shipments to the North are automatically covered by our delivery guarantee, which will enter into force after an hour's delay. Jet Warranty is your guarantee that the shipment reaches your recipient on time - otherwise you will get your money back.

See services - Telephone: +45 36 32 11 00