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To gain access to Aalborg Airport’s restricted area, you must either have a temporary ID card or a permanent ID card. The temporary ID card is issued and is only valid on the relevant day of your visit to the airport. To be issued a temporary ID card – also called a guest card – you must contact the airport for further information.

To gain permanent access to the airport’s restricted area, you must apply for an ID card via a declaration of consent, which you will find below. Permanent ID cards and car passes can only be issued if you have an official errand at Aalborg Airport.

The declaration of consent must be filled out by the one/ones who need the permanent ID card and car pass.

We would also like a person from the associated company to be the card manager, which is someone we can contact when the airport is to make an audit of the company – hence the background check of the ID card holders from the company. On the declaration of consent the card manager must fill in relevant information.

The procedure for applying for a permanent ID card to Aalborg Airport will then be as following for the applicants:

To gain access to AAL, you must first of all apply for an ID card via the declaration of consent, which is completed and sent ( or delivered to our Cargo department, where a photo will be taken, either when submitting the declaration of consent or upon physical collection of the card.

The declaration of consent will then be sent of for approval by the police and at the same time, you will be registered in our e-learning system, where you will receive a link to the email you wrote on the declaration of consent.

There will be two courses: A safety course and a security course. When both courses have been passed (with at least 80% correct) through a short test, and when the approval has come back from the police, you are ready to be issued your ID card.

Declaration of consent can be found here

Do you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us again by contacting the Cargo department in Aalborg Airport: 96 35 77 66 or

Requirements for background check

All who need an ID card for Aalborg Airport must have completed a background check with satisfactory results before the ID card can be issued according to EU regulation 2015/1998 point 11.0.3; 11.1.3 and section 11.1.5. It is the company in which the applicant is employed that must carry out this background check and be able to document this.

The background check contains three points that must be met before Aalborg Airport can issue an ID card.

1. The identity of the person must be determined by showing a valid photo identification (passport or driver's license)

2. Criminal certificate:
A criminal record from all countries of residence for at least the previous 5 years must be presented. Country of residence means countries where you have had a civil registry address for a minimum of 6 months.

3. CV check and references:
A CV check must be carried out, which must include employment, education and eny interruptions for at least the previous 5 years.
(“Gaps” in the CV of more than 28 days must be explained).

Verification of references:
For a background check to be completed, a verification of all educations and employments within the past 5 years must be carried out. If there have been interruptions in education or employment for more than 28 days, this must be investigated further. This investigation also means that the employer must assess the interruption(s); is there an explainable interruption and can the reason for the interruption be verified or supported by documentation.

The background check must be made every 5 years.

Prices for the ID card and car pass is shown below.

*ID card: 190,- + VAT
Car pass: 100,- + VAT

*Inclusive an awareness course.

The ID card and car pass are personal and may not be transferred or used by anyone other than the ID card holder.

ID cards and car passes that have expired or are no longer to be used must be deregistered and immediately returned to Cargo at Aalborg Airport.

If any ID card or car pass has been lost, this must be reported to Aalborg Airport immediately.