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Meet our staff at Aalborg Airport

Aalborg Airport should be a positive part of the travel experience for passengers. It is the goal for the approximately 300 people, who are employed at the airport.

Below we present some of the many service features that you encounter in the terminal and on the way to and from the aircraft. Under the menu item "Job" at Aalborg Airport, you can see if we are currently looking for new employees.

Unsolicited applications are sent to:

Applications are stored for 3 months.

Traffic Office

The Traffic Office is the airport's heart and is staffed around the clock. Staff at the Traffic Office keeps track on, among many other things, the planes on the tarmac and the air traffic. They are the first to know if a plane in rare cases is delayed. It is also here that you keep a close eye on the cars in the parking lot. The cars are video-monitored, and on large screens they can watch the traffic. Thus, it is both safe and free to park at the airport.

Likewise, the airport Marshall ensures a safe environment and good order. The Marshall ensures that no one is tempted to light a cigarette on the tarmac, where there may be flammable vapors from aircraft engines. The employee also shows the way to the arrivals hall and ensures that both planes, cars and pedestrians move safely on the tarmac. It is he that passengers can ask if they are unsure about anything. It is also the Marshall who directs the planes to the right on the apron and in some cases guides the aircraft from the runway to the apron. You may recognize the Marshall by his orange jacket or vest when he stays on the apron.

Landside Handling - Check-in

It is primarily the airlines that have contact with the passengers. But the airport's passenger handling department is responsible for ensuring that passengers board the plane on time.

Airport check-in staff will in most cases be the first of the airport staff that you encounter.


Airport security staff are mostly those encountered by passengers just after they have checked in, and they therefore contribute to the good experience. It's a big responsibility to be in charge of airport security. Here the primary goal is to get the travelers efficiently through the security check. Although there are high demands on security and the security check, we do not slack on the personal service. Security is a serious matter, but there is always room for a smile.

Food, DutyFree and Lounge

On the other side of security, there is ample opportunity to use your time in the best way. Here, the airport's Food staff are ready to provide catering with a good selection of food and drink in our restaurant. There is a strong focus on customer service by our Food employees that go hand in hand with efficiency, professional competences and a good and gracious smile.

This very much also applies to airport employees at the DutyFree shop, who shall be available for passengers who wish to buy or know more about the various items in the store. By DutyFree-employees it is required that they hold considerable expertise in relation to customer relations, product management and product knowledge - ensuring a high standard.

If you as a traveler wants extra comfort before departure, you can have the pleasure of being pampered by Aalborg Airport's skilled Lounge staff. In the lounge there will be no compromises on quality - with exceptional skills in customer service and catering, the guests have a VIP experience second to none.

Airside Handling

Under the Department of airside handling, will meet the airport's baggage porters. It's the porter's job to get the suitcases in and out of the plane, get them stowed properly and get the aircraft off on time. There is often only 20 minutes to empty a plane from Copenhagen for luggage and get it filled again with new suitcases. They must be properly distributed in the aircraft's hold for the sake of the aircraft's balance. The work takes place in abundance using machines, but since it is not possible to use machines at all times, it is a physically demanding work.

If it seems like you will have to wait a long time for the luggage at Aalborg Airport, it has a natural explanation. It takes less than a minute to walk from the aircraft to the arrivals hall, while in major airports like CPH, it can take 10-15 minutes. Therefore the wait feels a bit longer at Aalborg Airport.

Fuel operator is also one of the service functions you find on the airside handling. A typical day for Aalborg Airport's refuel staff include the refilling of fuel on the aircrafts. The fuel staff also provides control of fuel inventory, keep records on fuel and perform maintenance tasks of fuel equipment. Moreover, they participate to a large extent in the large task it is to de-ice planes during the winter months and also provide for snow removal, when necessary. It's versatile job function to be a part of the airport's team of fuel operators.


Aalborg Airport's cargo department consists of some dedicated employees who have an overview of all materials that come in and out of the airport. Their primary task is to handle various airport shipments - so that it takes place after the authorities' strict requirements for cargo shipments.

The administration

Behind it all, you will find the administration, which essentially makes the wheels turn. Even if passengers do not meet the staff of the administration on a everyday basis, they are greatly important for the good travel experience and further development of Aalborg Airport. In the administration, the management, with the airport director Søren Svendsen in the lead, is the administrative hinterland for all departments represented.

Here you will, among other things, find the HR department, which has an overview of all employees throughout the airport. They ensure the high level of competence and a good working environment for individual employees - something that promotes the good smile facing the travelers.

To ensure stability in Aalborg Airport a well-functioning finance department is essential. In this department  all financial matters are handled, where there should be an overview of revenue and expenditure, so that there can be made budgets, paid salary and invested in new operational initiatives. The entire operation of the airport is a large area with many employees, which are managed by our deputy and chief operating officer, Kim Berman. Here you will find, among other things, the check-in staff and facility workers. The facility department is in charge of all the practical details around the airport. The more technical matters are handled by the airport's IT department. They ensure that all monitors, computers, check-in desk, etc. function properly at all times.

In the administration, you will also find management for retail - responsible for DutyFree, lounge and restaurants, and the sales and marketing department, where sales and marketing executive, Rikke Mølgaard, is responsible for, among other things, to increase the joy of travelling from Aalborg Airport. Additionally, there is the safety manager, quality manager and safety manager, who are responsible for that everything is in perfect order.