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At Aalborg Airport, we emphasize that all employees are passionate about serving our customers at a high international level with a high level of personal service as a special feature. We are constantly working to ensure that customers receive a positive impression when visiting and using Aalborg Airport. We do this based on our four values:

  • solution oriented
  • energetic
  • holistic
  • expansive

No matter which department you work in, you have close contact with customers every day. It can be per. phone or face to face, and it can be direct or indirect. No matter whether it is passengers, partners or airline staff, they are all our customers. We expect you as an employee to approach customers with courtesy, helpfulness, a smile and a greeting, and that, you in any situation act professionally and solution-oriented.

We expect that you will contribute to a positive work environment by spreading good cheer and a pleasant atmosphere in your department, and you will also contribute to promoting cooperation with other departments at the airport.

We value enterprising and motivated employees who show commitment by making constructive suggestions for possible improvements and amendments.

Aalborg Airport - an international airport

In 2018 over 1.6 million. passengers traveled through Aalborg Airport, and the figure reflects the rapid development, the airport is in. This is because the airport has about 350 competent and dedicated employees who are helping to deliver a service top notch. In addition, we have our nearly 6,000 free parking spaces and a terminal building that contains facilities to create optimal conditions for our partners. Together we can achieve results, and therefore Aalborg Airport every year opens doors to new exciting destinations and connections.

Aalborg Airport is a a.m.b.a. company where Aalborg, Jammerbugt, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Rebild and Vesthimmerland municipality constitutes the common ownership structure.