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DELI is Aalborg Airport’s large food area. The fundamental concept of DELI is Grab & Go, which means that you as a traveller fast and easy can get a bite to eat. Here you can get breakfast, lunch and snacks that suit any time of the day.

The Grab & Go concept makes it easy and fast to get a bite to eat or something to drink. DELI functions as a self-service food area where you simply pick and choose your food and pay at the counter. For example, we have our coffee/tea island where you pour your own coffee or tea and pay at the counter. Furthermore, you will find our broad selection of ready-to-go snacks and sandwiches, which you can bring with you on the plane as well.

With DELI’s Grab & Go concept you no longer have to compromise on the quality of your food when you are on the move. At DELI the ingredients are the focus point and are all carefully chosen in order to give you a good and healthy alternative when you are on the move. Additionally, DELI aims to offer you an inspiring food experience by carefully choosing the ingredients in order to emphasize the different taste compositions.

There will be served a breakfast menu every day until 11 am, where you can buy everything from a bread roll with cheese or Nutella to fresh fruit or skyr with various delicious accompaniments. The breakfast menu is replaced with a broad selection of sandwiches, small salads and more filling meal salads as well as open-faced sandwiches. Furthermore, you can throughout the day find a broad selection of snacks, everything from light snacks  to warms snacks such as hot dogs. You can grab a sausage roll or taquitos if you are looking for a light snack or a cookie or muffin if you want something for the sweet tooth.

DELI takes pride in the food that is served and stresses that everything is freshly made every day - subsequently making sure that the quality and the taste experience always is of highest quality. Furthermore, at DELI the customer is the centre of attention. The menu is therefore changed continually in order to always meet customers’ demands or requests. In this way, DELI makes sure that the menu always offers something for everyone.


Deli and Penny Lane opens 2 hours before the first departure and Deli closes after the last outgoing flight, where Penny Lane closes at 5. p.m.

If you wish to contact DELI:

Phone: +45 96 32 67 79