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The Danish capital is merely 40 minutes away by plane. Thus, people from Northern Jutland can get to the harbour at Nyhavn and enjoy a cold beer in the same time as people from Køge.

Copenhagen is a fantastic and modern city that is constantly evolving in many exciting directions. The city is internationally recognized for its initiatives in architecture and urban development - especially for its contribution to fostering a unique cycling culture. It is precisely on the bike that the city needs to be enjoyed, because you can easily get around to the many attractions, restaurants and parks.

The city has much to offer for both Danish and international tourists, where the cultural aspect is a class apart. A shopping on Stroget, a rock concert in Vega, or just a nice weekend where Tivoli, Nyhavn and The Little Mermaid are obvious opportunities for cultural activities.

Copenhagen is cozy all year round. Here is a huge range of cafes, restaurants, music venues, theaters and historic buildings. It's not possible to get a table at Noma with one day's notice, but in return, the city has many worthy alternatives, serving treats for all ages. If you would like a Michelin-star restaurant, there are ample opportunities for this, as all 13 of its kind are to be found in the capital.


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Activities for all Ages

The city's most popular amusement parks are Tivoli and Bakken, where both children and adults young by heart can try all sorts of amusements all day long. Tivoli, known for its fabulous exhibits during the holidays, also offers great dining experiences, entertainment theater and concerts as well as tranquil wilderness areas, where families can enjoy the little oasis in the middle of the big city noise.

With a location in the middle of the green nature of Deer Park, you will find Bakken where the wild rides make up for the otherwise quiet environment. Here, you can indulge yourself with classic Danish food, matador-exhibitions and adrenalin rushing rides. Around the theme park, the wildlife of the garden runs free, which you can experience with a stroll around the green areas or perhaps by carriage. It is also possible to rent a horse and ride through the park's natural beauties.

The beauties of nature can also be experienced in the city center where the many fantastic parks serves as oases in the city's noisy atmosphere. Here the villagers enjoy sun's warm rays in the tranquil surroundings with a book or they socialize with family and friends. The King's Garden, Botanical Garden and Frederiksberg garden are some of the parks worth mentioning, where there is ample opportunity to go on a nice picnic or just enjoy some fresh air on a walk through the parks.

The Diversity of Copenhagen

The capital has over the years grown into a major cultural metropolis; a modern city where cultures meet and create innovative environments for creativity development. Among other things, Torvehallerne and Papirøen (Papir Island) are examples of how creative minds can create varied and lively experiences for visitors. Also, the outer areas of the center as Vesterbro and Nørrebro are completely filled with new initiatives to increase the activity and creative capacity in the urban space. It brings together different cuisines to satiate food-loving city dwellers' stomachs with culinary experiences.

Meet City on Vesterbro is now one of the more trendy places to meet for a quick but tasteful dinner, where also Papirøen may be in the race. With over 30 food stalls and food trucks there is ample opportunity to enjoy dishes from around the world. In addition to the food experiences, you can also enjoy many of the more oriental and modern clothing stores on Nørrebro, where a walk down Nørrebrogade can fill you with inspiration for your next purchase.

For the people of Copenhagen  culture means a lot as well, which is also reflected in the variety of museums, architectural and design experiences that can be found in the entire metropolitan area. The Blue Planet is one of the latest works, where Denmark's Aquarium are moving their large collection of colorful fish and sea creatures out in new surroundings. Here you can get close to the animals and their living conditions in an impressive underworld in the company of the aquarium's experienced guides.

NOTE: The Danish government and authorities dissuade all travels to and from Denmark until and including the 7. of February 2021. Moreover, if traveling to Denmark in this period, a negative COVID-19 test (within 24 hours before departure) is mandatory. 
When traveling through Aalborg Airport, as a passenger, you should be aware of a number of guidelines issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and thus applicable at all European airports. Be aware that these guidelines should be followed at all times when you are at Aalborg Airport. It is important that you know these specific European guidelines before starting your journey.