North Flying - Scandinavia's largest air taxi service

North Flying in Aalborg Airport is Scandinavia's largest air taxi service with 12 jets and turboprop aircraft. The company has evolved its capacity by upgrading the 6-8 seater business jets of the type Lear Jet and Cessna Citation to larger Metro turboprop aircraft with 18 to 23 seats.

North Flying fly around the world with everything from royalty, ministers and Norwegian oil sheikhs to businessmen, athletes, officials and Scottish and Norwegian oil drilling roughnecks from the North Sea. Moreover, North Flying operate ambulance flights as well - with sick and injured tourists.

- We fly wherever the customer wants. It saves the customer for connecting flights and long, tiresome shuttle buses. Not least in Northern Norway and Sweden as well as in Eastern Europe, where scheduled flights are scarce, says marketing manager in North Flying, Jesper Kragelund.

The modern business jets brings customers all around the world with armchair comfort and 850 km. per hour. There is full headroom in the cabin with wide leather seats, a DVD screen for all passengers - and of course full board.

The company's elegant headquarters and passenger terminal at Aalborg Airport is open around the clock. 

Routes in Norway and to Norway

Norway is the largest market for North Flying, which also operates scheduled flights of Air Norway on the route from Ørland at Trondheim to Oslo.

Telephone: +45 96 32 29 00

NOTE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today, March 13, 2020 chosen to discourage all unnecessary travel from Denmark to the world until April 13, 2020. We refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide for further information. If you have an upcoming trip during this period, we recommend that you contact the travel agency where you booked your trip or the airline where you purchased your flight ticket. We recommend all travelers to keep themselves informed of canceled flights and arrivals at

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