Food and Beverages at Aalborg Airport

At Aalborg Airport, you will find food for any situation whether you are looking for a quick bite, something to bring on the plane, a filling meal in cosy surroundings or something for the sweet tooth. Furthermore, we strive to offer food for everyone, where especially our ingredients are in focus.

We listen to our guests and by continually changing our menus, we are able to offer new and inspiring food experiences for everyone. After passing the security control you find our new food areas, Deli, as well as Heineken Gastro Pub, which both are founded on unique concepts.

You can read about the new and exciting food possibilities at Aalborg Airport in the side menu to the left, where you furthermore can read about our airport lounge as well as our Steff Houlberg hot dog stand.


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration - DELI

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration - Gastro

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration - Landside

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