London has it all; city atmosphere, theaters, football, musicals, markets, unique museums, afternoon tea - and food from around the world at some of the best restaurants.

London is one of the world's most visited metropolises, and with its endless opportunities to experience cultural and historical sites, followed by a hot cup of tea or ice cold beer in one of the local restaurants, you will understand why.

The amount of attractions is overwhelming in London and there is something for everyone. You can stroll through the charming shopping streets such as Bond Street, Oxford Street and Kensington High Street - and continue to Notting Hills' colorful row houses, small street shops and quaint cafes. London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Old Bailey and St. Paul's are all monumental experiences that adorn the urban space, which can be experienced on foot or with one of the many sightseeing buses.

You can also experience Europe's largest city from above by taking a trip up the London Eye, which is a unique experience. If you prefer culinary experiences, the city is also famous for its amazing street kitchens and restaurants - as well as their food courts, where it is possible to acquire fresh spices, freshly picked flowers and tasteful ingredients.


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London downtown

When in London, it is a must to visit Oxford Street, which is the main street where all the shops you could dream of, is located. Here, you can buy street fashion  and high street fashion clothing or all sorts of electronics and film. Moreover, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants and cafes, which are located at the corners and down the side streets. During the winter period, the street is also illuminated by the most wonderful Christmas decorations that adorn the city. Thousands of lights shine above the street level, forming Christmas icons as presents, reindeer, snowflakes and much more.

The city's eateries deliver an incredible dynamism to urban life by creating new interesting culinary experiences, served in stunning stylish surroundings. Among other things, you can visit Jamie Oliver's various pop-up restaurants around town, where you can eat incredibly tasty food while enjoying the view of city life.

London is also known for its musicals, which is in a class by itself. Stage shows, talented actors and the incredible costumes are unique, which makes it an even greater experience to see some of the best talent in the world, presenting catchy songs and performing extraordinary stunts on stage. For some of the most popular setups are Les Miserables and The Lion King worth mentioning. These performances are both for adults and children, so just take a seat in one of the city's many theaters and let the fairytale universe come to life.

A City Full of Opportunities

Some of the best and most intense football experiences in the world takes place week after week in the Premier League in England. At many stadiums around England, dramatic showdowns between arch rivals and the world's leading footballers unfolds. Therefore, if you are interested in football, and would you like to experience the incredible devotion to the sport closely, it can be recommended to buy tickets for one of the many matches. One tip is to be out in good time and purchase tickets through the clubs' official websites, as tickets are often sold out for the most popular matches.

In the other end of the scale, you will find the world famous Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill Gate every weekend. The market is one of the largest antique markets with over 1,000 traders, where visitors can buy antiques and collectibles from different time periods. Here you can find unique items for both yourself and those you hold dear.

You can also experience the metropolis from the Thames. Excursion boats take you all the way to the charming little village of Greenwich, located south of downtown, where you have the opportunity to move between two time zones. This part of town is more calm, especially in the evening, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner along the water in the late afternoon and evening hours.

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